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Weston Homes Create “Lego Children’s Room” to Assist with Marketing Houses to Families


Developer Weston Homes have used standard and bespoke Lego bricks, mini-figures and themed accessories to create a magnificent children’s bedroom that is dressed in Lego products.


Using Lego’s famous primary colours, Weston Homes has created a bold bright red, black, yellow and bright grey colour scheme for the children’s bedroom. Bespoke items such as the “Evolution on the Lego Man” wall sticker and oversized Lego brick headboard, framed mini-figures, carpet and cupboards, have been cleverly mixed with standard Lego products including clocks, bins, mini-figures, robots and other toys. The end result is a striking, uplifting and exciting children’s space which captures everyone’s imagination.


Bob Weston, Chairman & Managing Director of Weston Homes said: “Lego is a global brand loved by children of all ages and it also evokes fond memories from parents who remember the toy from their own childhood days. All the families who visit our Silverbrook marketing suite are enchanted with the Lego themed room and its definitely helped to play a role our success at promoting the houses to families with children.”


Invented in 1949 by Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen, Lego (in Danish it means “play well” and in Latin “I put together”) is arguably the world’s most popular and successful toy brand with a new movie, games, themed amusement parks and themed toys.








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