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Artist Uses Cardboard to Create Full-Scale Replica of Her Grandfather’s 1979 Lincoln Continental


Artist Shannon Goff constructed her Miles to Empty exhibition so that she could pay homage to a quintessential American car that also serves as a personal memory of her grandfather. Using cardboard as her medium, Goff recreated the special edition 1979 Lincoln Continental, which features an impressively detailed interior.


To bring this piece to life, the sculptor added an intricately carved steering wheel, paper dashboard buttons, and focused on making every angle, curve, and line as accurate as possible. Goff’s main goal was to design the metallic turquoise car that holds a special place in her memories.


“[The car was] best built for the highway, the mark V’s smooth ride conjured up the sensation of floating on a cloud,” recalls Goff.


Beyond her own family, the artist also shares a connection to the automobile industry as a native of Detroit, aka motor city. She’s observed the economic ups and downs that have taken place, which have in one way or another contributed to Goff’s design decisions during her creative process


She explains, “Miles To Empty explores the car as a metaphor for the complexities of American life in general, and for my own experiences as a native of the city of Detroit specifically.”

To see this elaborate sculpture in person, you can visit Michigan’s Susanne Hilberry Gallery until November 14th.

Via My Modern Met, JOQUZ, Junkculture, designboom

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