Studio Allergutendinge’s Soul Box is a Portable Retreat for ‘Glamping’ in Nature – Design You Trust

Studio Allergutendinge’s Soul Box is a Portable Retreat for ‘Glamping’ in Nature


Allergutendinge created the ‘Spirit Shelter’, exploring the dream of Arcadia. On the one hand the term describes a real swath of land in antique Greece. On the other hand it is an idea for an emotional hideaway, to live in harmony with yourself and nature.

Like the idea of Arcadia, the ‘Spirit Shelter’ consists of two main parts. The research section provides tools to discover the physical world, the wilderness. In the sleeping section there is space for meditation and self-exploration. In order to find one‘s personal Arcadia the ‘Spirit Shelter’ is designed mobile. The woodframe construction can be disassembled and transported to any scenery.


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