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Meet German Artist Werner Härtl Who Paints with Diluted Cow Dung


German artist Werner Härtl has made a name for himself using diluted cow dung as his unique painting medium. He began experimenting with cow dung in 2012 while working on a farm, and today he even collects it directly from cows as they relieve themselves.

Härtl’s paintings, inspired by rural life, mainly feature cows, tractors, fields, village scenes and self-portraits. He uses a dilution method to create different shades with the dung, resulting in sepia-like artworks. Interestingly, once the artwork dries, it no longer retains any smell, making it a truly unique art form.

More: Werner Härt, Instagram

Kuhmist Baedaschmie
Kuhmist Beim Pfeifer
Kuhmist Beim Reithamer
Kuhmist Der Sendling
Kuhmist Hl Franziska
Kuhmist Hl Minta
Kuhmist Man Ackerdiesel
Kuhmist Sendling As 7
Kuhmist St. Crescenz
Kuhmist Ueberrascht Vom Schnee
Kuhmist Watzmann
Kuhmist Zugspitze
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