CasAnus Hotel: This Hotel In Belgium Is Shaped Like A Giant Anus


Dutch artist, Joep Van Lieshout, has created a unique work of art that you can actually stay in…if your heart desires. His giant human intestine sculpture (yes, intestine), located in Belgium, sits in the middle of a field commissioned as part of the Verbeke Foundation Sculpture Park which hosts over 20,000 visitors each year and is owned by art collectors Geert and Carla Verbeke-Lens. The owners say that the exhibition space is not meant to be an “oasis.”


Unlike most large intestines, (like the ones typically found in human bodies), this one features a double bed, shower and central heating. The exterior of the room has even been sculpted with bulging veins and painted a deep red to make it look all the more realistic. The interior is bright white, complete with windows and tubular, curved walls to really make travelers really feel like they are sleeping inside an extremely vital part of the human digestive system. But fear not, you won’t go hungry in these parts as breakfast is included!


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