Half-Underwater Photos Show The Aquatic Life Hiding Beneath The Water’s Surface

In his series ‘A Parallel Universe’, photographer Matty Smith takes to the water (well, at least half of it), capturing the diverse underwater plant and animal life lurking just beneath the surface.

Using a half over, half under style wherein he photographs two landscapes at once, Smith produces images that show what different creatures look like both above and below rivers and oceans. His images have included animals like crocs, jellyfish, sharks, and corals.

‘I think it’s the suspense of the unknown of what lies beneath, the transitional part of moving from one element to the next that feels so magical and the thought of what alien creatures I might encounter’, he says. ‘That is what draws me to taking half over half underwater images. It’s maybe the best way I can communicate to a non-diver what it’s all about, to marry a wet and unfamiliar world with a dry and more familiar one’.

Via Lost At E Minor (H/t: The Guardian)

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