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Meet the New Kitschy Bikini for Men: The Brokini

Two Toronto-based “bros” are looking to take the fashion world by storm with their new, unconventional beachwear item: the “Brokini.”

The product is the brainchild of Chad Sasko and Taylor Field, and is described tongue-in-cheek on its own website as “the perfect swimwear to make your parents question where they went wrong.”

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“We’re getting lots of great feedback and we’re getting lots of negative feedback, which we’re finding hilarious,” said Field, who, along with Sasko, attended Medway High School in London, Ont., and graduated in 2010 from Western University with a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies. Both later moved to Toronto, where Sasko still lives.

“We’re getting comments like we need to be more worried about the spread of brokinis than the spread of COVID. Lots of ‘why would you ever make this?’ And then we’re also getting people saying that they’ve been waiting their whole lives for a bathing suit like this.”

The bathing suits may not leave much to the imagination, which may be the point, judging by the marketing.

If you’re wondering how such a bathing suit came to be, Field cites the bachelor parties he and Sasko attended through their 20s.

“With our group of friends, people just kept trying to one-up each other in terms of crazy outfits to wear. And eventually down the line, Chad and I came up with the Brokini.”

“We originally made 250, which were in Chad’s mom’s garage which we were using as our fulfillment centre,” he says. Producing the initial Brokinis cost about $5,000.

“For the first three weeks we sold four or five. And those were all to friends. But then we blew up on Monday, and now we have moved most of our inventory, and we’re starting to take a ton of backorders.”

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