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An Artist Created A Stunning Mashup Portraits Of Superheroes And Girls

Sandra Chevrier is a Canadian artist born in 1983. As far as this artist can remember, art has always been present in her life. She reminds with special detail a specific work she saw by the Canadian artist Heidi Taillefer titled “Detritus of devotion”. This work transmitted so much to her that was then, at the early age of 14 years old, when she decided that she wanted to devote herself to transmit that emotion to others.

Her work has always been full of message. In Sandra Chevrier’s own words, she uses art not only to express the beauty and the tragedy that surrounds her but as a language. Her intention is not to generate a social debate but she pretends the spectator to think, to make questions him or herself questions and this way to take some time to reflect on her work.

This artists’ work is very diverse in terms of mediums, she works a lot with painting, mainly oil and watercolour, and experimenting with the new has taken her to fall in love with Chinese ink, collage and mixed media. Of some of her works we find graphic prints, mainly giclées and, in lower number, screenprints that can be hand finished. This tireless creativity and her willing to artistically evolve has taken her to other industries such as textile.

Sandra Chevriers’ work is characteristic, among other things, for not being labelled. In between the most traditional fine arts and the most contemporary trends like urban art and graffiti, this artist rejects being pigeonholed in one style or another, since this would limit, in her own words, the possibilities of experimenting and evolving; her mind will always be open to learn from everything that surrounds her.

Untiring worker, always creative and eager collector, she dedicates her full time to her two passions, art and her son. She lives in Montreal, Canada, and even with her growing success and her long journeys, she has no intention of moving from there. She has done many solo shows both in United States and her native Canada as well as in the European continent, Japan, Australia or New Zealand.


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