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Art Installation ‘Intimate Vestiges’ – A Different Kind Of Room


According to artist Fiona Roberts: “I believe the house and the body are palimpsests of life events with their history inscribed into every surface. In ‘Intimate Vestiges’ I wanted to draw out the treasured moments within the home; of everyday routines and memories, of growing up or growing old, of accidents, of habits, and of fear and trauma.

I explored the subjective nature of the home through a variety of body textures that are obscured by pattern, repetition, and traditional ornamentation in household furnishings. This blurs the boundaries between the home and body, making it difficult to determine where the house ends and where the person begins.

The conventional items of the home that generally go unnoticed become the focus of our attention and quietly reveal their personal history.”

The Chair
hair, ceramic

The Chair (detail)
hair, ceramic

The Dark Window

The Dark Window (detail)

Hair Brush
hair, ceramic

Installation view
The Wallpaper, The Rug, Passion Pillows

The Rug

The Rug (detail)

The Wallpaper

The Wallpaper (detail)
digital image of skin, bellybuttons, scars, eyes, lips, veins, nipples, scabs and hair printed on wallpaper

Passion Pillows

Passion Pillows (detail)

Memory Portraits (tryptich)
oil on canvas

The Coat
Coat, ceramic, coat hanger

bucket, upholstered puddle

Installation view

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