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To Avoid Coronavirus At Events An Arab Fashion Designer Creates “Soiree Muzzle”

Egyptian fashion designer Samo Hejres designed a wedding dress with a muzzle for combating the spread of coronavirus.

h/t: twitter

Hejers said, the idea is proposed by his brother, in light of the anxiety that controls everyone from gatherings inside the wedding halls. It took him three hours to design the muzzle, and decorated it to be part of the 2020 Fashion Collection.

Samo Hejres revealed that he received many requests to design “secret masks” in various colors, to be suitable for all colors, at prices ranging from one thousand to 1500 Egyptian pounds, as they depend on accurate manual embroidery.

The coronavirus continues to spread, as it has spread outside China in more than 100+ countries, causing dozens of deaths, while the World Health Organization classifies the coronavirus, a pandemic, and declared a “health emergency with an international dimension.” The injuries amounted to more than 100K and still counting…

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