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This L.A. Studio Creates Fun And Colorful Balloon Installations


With her mission statement being to bring “a little piece of wonder” into the lives of others, Jihan Zencirli created Geronimo Balloons. Started in 2011, Jihan and her team use giant colorful balloons to create elaborate decorations, backdrops, and company branding. Rather than focusing on just creating a beautiful or aesthetically pleasing visual product, Jihan aims to create a feeling of wonder and delight inside of her audience by producing creations they don’t see everyday.

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THERE ARE PEOPLE I DON’T REMEMBER EXIST UNTIL I RUN INTO THEM AND RECALL THAT I ALWAYS THINK THIS WHEN I SEE THEM. “YES!” IN MY HEAD, “YOU ARE A PERSON. AND I FORGOT THAT YOU WERE IN THIS WORLD AND ANY HISTORY I HAVE EVER SHARED WITH YOU." BUT THEN I GO ON IN LIFE AND FORGET ABOUT THEM UNTIL I SEE THEM AGAIN AT MY ANNUAL COSTCO TRIP OR WHATEVER. THERE’S ALWAYS THIS EXCRUCIATINGLY SAD MOMENT, EACH TIME, WHERE I REALIZE THERE MIGHT BE MORE PEOPLE AND MORE MEMORIES THAT SLIP AWAY NEVER TO HAVE THE GIFT OF BEING REMINDED OF AGAIN. #JIHANTHOUGHTS | #geronimostudio Something important to my work, to note: The life cycle of balloons is important to showcase in my installations. The beauty comes from all the phases it endures, including its first inflation to the start of it decomposing. I personally love when the balloons are deflated, more than inflated. | We use 100% latex balloons from a family owned company in the Midwest. Latex comes directly from trees. It decomposes at the same rate as a leaf. I use it at my house in my compost since it helps to hold moisture. My work and my intention is about love and bringing goodness and hope. Balloons, for right now, are the way I can contribute to the world. ✌?️

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