Artist Andrei Lacatusu Reduces Tech Giant Brands To Derelict Neon Signs – Design You Trust

Artist Andrei Lacatusu Reduces Tech Giant Brands To Derelict Neon Signs

There’s something captivating about seeing Silicon Valley icons, and game changers of the western world’s adoption of social media, in the shape and form of derelict, Las Vegas-esque signs. Brands that normally rule our online worlds, and therefore sometimes our real worlds, are rarely presented as destitute and on their way out, painting a striking image of their mortality.

Self-taught digital artist Andrei Lacatusu has created 3D visualisations of the social media brands we all use everyday – Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, as well as Tinder – in the form of rusty, falling-apart and neglected neon signs – a stark contrast to the slick, shiny digital versions we see on our phones, and the slick, shiny versions of ourselves we upload to them.

More info: Behance (h/t: digitalartsonline)

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