When My Cat Feels Sad

“Have you noticed how you can learn a lot form your cat? They seem to have been born with infinite wisdom. We humans know nothing! We don’t even know how to deal with silly everyday problems. For example, being upset.”

“My cat is the guru of great mood! He knows how to cheer himself up and feel his best every day of his life. Honestly, it’s hard not to admire it.”

“So he has something to teach all of us – here is my cat’s guide on how to be happy!”

Lingvistov was founded in 2012 by Asia and Landysh who had graduated from a university of linguistics in Russia and worked as language teachers. Lingvistov started as an unusual school of English via Skype and turned it into a unique resource. They wrote about things like “The Best Pick-Up Lines” or “25 Ways to Say Shut-Up” – everything that people actually need.


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