Insidious Goblins, Cute Elves, and Magic: The Gathering Cards – Fantasy Art by Jesper Ejsing – Design You Trust

Insidious Goblins, Cute Elves, and Magic: The Gathering Cards – Fantasy Art by Jesper Ejsing

Jesper Ejsing was born in Denmark in1973. He first discovered fantasy through the works of Tolkien and got introduced to D&D on Christmas Day, 1986. Skipping through the pages of the rulebooks, he set a goal for the rest of his life: He would become a fantasy artist. He would make a living illustrating things that live only in imagination… one way or the other.

He studied Danish literature and Art History before quitting University for a freelance artist life. The early years as a fulltime illustrator meant drawing anything for money. Soon he weeded out the assignments that weren’t historical, and after a while all he did was fantasy art.

When he finally got his first assignment for Dungeons and Dragons it was 20 years since that Christmas when the goal was set. He struck out on a journey, stubbornly, and at times ignorant to the realities of life, and 2 decades of travelling has finally brought him home.

Jesper Ejsing still lives in Copenhagen Denmark, with his 2 sons and wife, Lea.

More: Jesper Ejsing, Instagram, Artstation

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