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An Artist Visualizes The Terrifying, Dystopian Metropolises Of Tomorrow

If you’ve never visualized dystopia, just look around. Visit a mega farm in California, a body of water near an industrial plant, or simply walk around Manhattan and let the rapidly evolving island for the rich, jet-setting class seep into your consciousness. If that doesn’t do the trick, San Francisco-based artist Michael Kerbow is here to take you on a tour of today’s dystopian milieu, and then extrapolate it all into a techno-induced future.

More info: Michael Kerbow (h/t: thecreatorsproject)

It’s a dark and mesmerizing window into humanity’s near and distant futures. On a thematic level, it deals variously with climate change, pollution, over-population, and humanity’s Icarus and Tower of Babel-like drive to create new technologies; all toward perhaps some undefined and maybe even non-existent dream.

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