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Beautiful Postcards Capture Everyday Life Of American Indians In The Early 20th Century

Old Carreta, Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico, circa 1901

The collection is comprised of postcard views of Navaho, Hopi and Pueblo Indians; pueblos; interiors of Hopi houses; ceremonials; and blanket weaving. Views of American Indians, Blackfoot, Apache, Hopi and Pueblo are prints of paintings, some by Winold Reiss for the Great Northern Railway, W.E. Rollins and Fred Harvey.


An Up-stairs room, Hopi House, Grand Canyon of Arizona, circa 1903

Old Blanket Room in Hopi House, Grand Canyon of Arizona, circa 1903

Indian ceremonial dance at Mobridge, south Dakota, circa 1903

Navajo Indian Blanket Weaver, circa 1904

An Indian living room, Hopi House, Grand Canyon of Arizona, circa 1905

Group of Indians, Hopi House, Grand Canyon of Arizona, circa 1905

The Hopi House, Grand Canyon of Arizona, circa 1905

Elle of Ganado, maker of the President’s Blanket, The best weaver among the Navahoes in Fred Harvey Indian Building, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hopi Snake Dance, circa 1907

Pueblo women making bread, New Mexico, circa 1907

Street scene Pueblo of Laguna, New Mexico, circa 1907

Old Men Singing, Corn Dance, Pueblo of Santo Domingo, New Mexico, circa 1908

A Song in the Kiva, Arizona, circa 1910

Buffalo Calf, a Jicarilla Apache, circa 1915

Firing pottery, “The Painted Desert,” San Diego, California

Navaho Indian family and Hogan, Arizona, circa 1915

Taking the elevator, Hopi Village, Arizona, circa 1915

The complete story of a Navaho Blanket, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona, circa 1915

Hopi snake priest entering Snake Kiva, Oraibi, Arizona, circa 1920

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