New Zealand’s New Flag Could Be One Of These Designs

The government of New Zealand today published a list of 40 possible designs for its new national flag, ahead of a national referendum slated for later this year. The designs were selected by an independent panel from a list of nearly 10,300 online submissions that included a kiwi bird with laser eyes, a stick figure riding a bicycle, and an ice cream cone.

“Moving Forward” by Dominic Carroll

The designs selected today aren’t nearly as daring. Many include national symbols like the silver fern, the Southern Cross constellation, and the koru — a fern leaf motif common in Maori tradition. Notably, none of the submissions include the British Union Jack that features prominently in its current flag.

“Wā kāinga/Home” by Grant Alexander (principal), Alice Murray, Thomas Lawlor, and Jared McDowell

“A flag should carry sufficient dignity to be appropriate for all situations in which New Zealanders might be represented,” the 12-member “flag consideration panel” said in an open letter published Monday. “It should speak to all Kiwis. Our hope is that New Zealanders will see themselves reflected in these flags’ symbols, color and stories.”

“The Seven Stars of Matariki” by Matthew Clare

The campaign to choose a new flag was launched late last year, with Prime Minister John Key saying it was time for New Zealand to discard its current design in favor of one “that better reflects our status as a modern, independent nation.” The initiative has faced backlash over its costs, which are estimated at $17 million, and recent polls suggest that the majority of New Zealanders are in favorite of keeping their current flag.

“Land Of The Long White Cloud (Traditional Blue)” by Mike Archer

The panel will choose four finalists by mid-September, and voters will rank them in a referendum later this year. A second referendum will be held in March 2016, when voters will decide between their current flag and the alternative design. The panel will also conduct an extensive review of the 40 finalists released today, including “robust intellectual property checks.”

“Silver Fern (Black with Red Stars)” by Kyle Lockwood

“Koru Fin” by Daniel Crayford and Leon Cayford

“Koru (Blue)” by Andrew Fyfe

“Huihui/Together” by Sven Baker

“Tukutuku” by Pax Zwanikken

“Curly Koru” by Daniel Crayford and Leon Cayford

“Southern Cross Horizon” by Sven Baker

“Land Of The Long White Cloud” by Mike Archer

Via The Verge, The Guardian, New Zealand Herald, New Zealand Government

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