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Two Guys Built This 400,000-Brick LEGO Volkswagen Van In Six Weeks

At the travel and leisure convention in Munich, Germany, the beloved Volkswagen Type 2 Bulli van comes in three flavors: classic, miniature Lego, and full-size Lego classic. Sitting on a stand next to its nearly identical brothers, the LEGO Bulli was constructed in less than six weeks out of approximately 400,000 bricks.

The van was built by two men, Pascal and Rene, in approximately six weeks time.

In addition to its working headlamps and taillights, opened side door, and pop-up camper top, the Type 2’s camper bits and interior decorating is fanatical. The VW has folding tables, a coffee set, picture frames on the walls, a radio, a gasoline grille, ketchup and mustard bottles, seasonings, and toothbrushes. For those still not impressed, it has beer bottles, too.

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