New Japanese Capsule Toy Series Is An All Star Team Of Public Drunks

Japanese capsule toy brand Tama-Kyu is introducing a line of figures covering a genre we didn’t know we needed: public drunks!

While stumbling around drunk in public is obviously discouraged, Japan doesn’t outright forbid the act of public drinking, so it’s not uncommon to spot drinkers who have over-served themselves in the streets, particularly before last train. Tama-Kyu’s #YopparaiNau (Drunks now) series is an all star team of five different drunken troublemakers you might encounter at Shinjuku station before your last train.

h/t: grapee

Someone passed out under a traffic cone.

The classic drunk who has somehow misplaced his pants.

Someone who can’t keep upright without hugging a telephone pole, or anything, really.

The woman who has developed an inseparable relationship with a garbage can.

And of course the guy who passes out in this ridiculous position.

Each drunken capsule toy will be available for 300 yen a piece at Tama-Kyu Gachapon machines throughout Japan.

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