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Paper Artist Created A Paper Costume Inspired By War


Ukrainian paper artist Asya Kozina has transformed her art in response to the Russian-Ukrainian war. Initially focused on the history of costume and national dress, her work now delves into profound personal experiences and reflections shaped by the conflict.

Kozina’s new creations are not just art pieces but symbols of resilience and strength, born from her need to create amidst suffering. The pinnacle of her artistic process is the photoshoot, a unique event where the synergy between costume, model, and photographer breathes life into paper and captures ephemeral beauty. For Kozina, the true essence of her project is realized in this moment, making the photographs secondary to the experience itself. Her evolution signifies a shift towards a more meaningful and personal artistic exploration.

More: Asya Kozina, Instagram, Behance h/t: boredpanda

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