Heartwarming Photos Highlight Adventurous Bond Between Pups and Humans


Dogs are known for their loyalty, so it should come as no surprise that man’s best friend makes for a fantastic camping companion. Whether they’re snuggling in a tent, trekking across a rocky terrain, or just taking in the sights, pups enjoy these adventures just as much as their humans.


To illustrate this, the Camping with Dogs Instagram features hundreds of posts that show canines thriving in the great outdoors.


Just as humans have their own styles of camping, so do the dogs. Some are the more adventurous type, hiking steep trails while carrying their own packs.


Others seem to prefer the “glamping” approach to camping, and they travel strapped to their owner’s back while taking in the scenery. But however these pups like to camp, one heartwarming thing is clear: the experience only strengthens the bond between them and their human.

Via My Modern Met, The Huffington Post

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