The ‘Cuddle Clone’ Plush Toys Made To Look Like Aging Pets So Their Owners Can Cherish Them Forever – Design You Trust

The ‘Cuddle Clone’ Plush Toys Made To Look Like Aging Pets So Their Owners Can Cherish Them Forever

Now pet owners have a new way to remember their beloved animals beyond the grave – immortalizing them as plush toys. Cuddle Clones, a company based out of Louisville Kentucky, creates cuddly versions of creatures based off photographs. From lopsided ears to battle scars and missing limbs, no details are spared. To date the firm has had requests for all kinds of critters including dogs, cats, horses, pigs and even birds. Designers are yet to make a lizard.

Fabric duplicates of smaller animals start at $129 while larger beasts cost from $199.

The Cuddle Clones Facebook and Instagram pages feature dozens of photographs showing toys next to their real-life buddies. One shot shows a pig and her plush toy twin wearing matching dresses, while another images sees a horse rubbing noses with its cuddly chum.

For larger pets, scaled down versions are made due to postage and storage logistics. Lengths of these plush toys generally vary between 17 and 19 inches.

Cuddle Clones’ factory is currently located in China.

More: Cuddle Clones, Instagram h/t: dailymail

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