If Disney Characters Used Instagram, This Is What You’d See

Like many of us, freelancer Italian illustrator Simona Bonafini grew up with all manner of childhood characters from Hercules, Alice In Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty to Cinderella and Aladdin.

But whilst their animated debuts captured the imagination of millions around the world several decades ago, imagine if they were released today. You wouldn’t find them in comic books or graphic novels – you’d find them on Instagram taking all manner of selfies and photos with their fictional friends.

That was all the inspiration Bonafini needed to create a series of illustrations which encapsulate just that – all the traits and characteristics of our favourite childhood heroes played out for all to see on Instagram. Naturally Hercules is all about his six-pack, just as much as Aladdin is obsessed with taking those couples selfies with Princess Jasmine.

It’s a fun and gorgeously illustrated look at two worlds colliding – the animated heroes of old with ongoing rise of our digital world.

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