Luxurious Eco-Friendly Mansion Exists Entirely Below Ground


For those wanting to lessen their negative impact on the environment, the best place to build is down. Known as “underground homes” or “low-impact houses,” these structures minimize the amount of green space used by containing entire buildings below the Earth’s surface. Two English firms — NC Homes and Huntsmere — have proposed an underground dwelling that’s as luxurious as a conventional, above-the-soil structure. Called Perdu, it’s a circular three-bedroom home located on the grounds of Bowdon in Manchester.


When building underground, there’s always the concern of having ample natural light. To mitigate this, Perdu has a dome-shaped passage in the center that allows sunlight to enter the home. Its other environmentally-friendly features include rainwater harvesting, a heat exchange system, and hot water that’s warmed with the help of solar tubes.


Aside from its unique location, Perdu is comparable to any other home. It has a full kitchen, living area, bedrooms, and workout space. There’s also a swimming pool (albeit subterranean) that’s complete with a waterside. This opulent, eco-conscious space doesn’t come cheap, however: it’s priced at approximately $3.7 million to own.


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