During Lockdown, This Man Invested His Time Into Building A Staircase Wine Cellar That Holds 156 Bottles – Design You Trust

During Lockdown, This Man Invested His Time Into Building A Staircase Wine Cellar That Holds 156 Bottles

The lockdown is the ideal time to do the things around the house that you’ve neglected for way too long—things like finally getting rid of the stuff you stashed “just in case” and ended up not using in 5 years or sorting the heap of clothes on that one chair at home. You know, the chair.

Or, just a thought, you can also take on a DIY project to make your home feel more alive. Like building your very own wine cellar inside of a staircase. Yep, that just happened.

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Murray Berrill, a 58-year-old house renovator and builder from Victoria, Australia, has recently shared some photos of his most recent project—a flight of stairs that doubles as a wine cellar.

Berrill was working on a house project that required the construction of a wine cellar. But instead of doing it the old-fashioned way, he figured he could try to merge it with other parts of the house. His dislike of dead space in the houses he renovates fueled the idea of installing drawers for wine bottles in a flight of stairs. He claims that dead space doesn’t add any value to a home and is practically paying for nothing.

Now, a set of wine cellar stairs won’t come cheap as it’s said to cost $5,000. However, building an actual wine cellar would be a much more expensive project, and would be more oriented towards producers of wine, while amateurs and aficionados now have an ideal solution to an otherwise expensive project.

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