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A Street Artist Painted Underpants On Rocks To Criticize Nudity Censorship


“Our bodies carry a huge burden of shame. Moral codes and social conventions confuse nudity with sex. In social media, modesty patrols often flag even pieces of art as plain pornography.”, says artist Andre Levy (aka zhion) to Bored Panda.


“These urban interventions catch people’s attention by their playful colours and also point out how silly it is to automatically associate nudity with lust and shame. I believe the seed of sexualization of the human body is not in nudity, but in the urge to hide it. That’s why #OriginalSinProject was born.”


“By covering one object, I hide something invisible and expose everything around. My subjects are never isolated because they relate to their naked neighbours by taking people’s attention all to themselves and absolving the nakedness around them. In this context, passers-by won’t be surprised by nudity, but by the unexpected lack of it.”


He is also painted a humorous series of Star Wars stormtrooper dressed like a lady across the streets of Frankfurt:

Via Bored Panda

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