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Misbehaving Goats That Were Forced To Wear Pool Noodles & Tennis Balls For Everyone’s Safety


Goats are great! Generally calm and fun-loving companions, if you have a little space for them to roam and plenty of grass to munch on they can make a perfect addition to the family. Sometimes though, their playful and competitive nature can get a little over the top, and those pointy horns can do some damage to fellow goats and humans alike.

While training while your goat is young, to avoid any aggressive behavior when they grow up, is the most desirable course of action, this pool noodle solution is a cute and funny temporary solution. How long they actually stay on the horns before they are ripped off and chewed is questionable, but if it protects someone from injury then why not?

h/t: boredpanda









Ross Freedman



Watch a video of a noodled-up goat in action below:

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