Stunning Fantasy Multi-Level Worlds Created From Laser Cut Wood


Freelance illustrator and graphic artist Martin Tomsky is gifted in the art of laser cutting wood. He creates everything from tiny pendants and brooches of small animals intricately layered sculptural works depicting entire illustrated scenes, including these particularly stunning fantasy worlds.


Tomsky writes that his main interests have always been drawing, nature and fairy tales, which are the three primary ingredients he uses to create his works of art.


He explains: “By building up layers of laser cut stained plywood, I create intricate relief pieces that bridge the gap between craft, illustration and sculpture. These works are essentially drawings that have been brought off the page and into the real world as a permanent form of storytelling.”


“My lifelong love of stories began when, at the age of six, my sister read me The Hobbit. Since then I have always been passionate about literature that takes you to another place, particularly fantasy and science fiction. It’s always been my ambition to create an entire world, with it’s own laws, logic and nature.”


“The natural world is my biggest source of inspiration, from sitting on the floor watching David Attenborough documentaries with my grandfather to reading about the universe in New Scientist. The forces that govern life and shape the world have always fascinated me and provide me with a basic structure to build my own.”


The intricacy of his work is amazing and his pieces are so detailed they are almost like 3D drawings made from wood. You can find out more and even purchase many of them right on Etsy.


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