Afrofuturism Through Sculptural Eyewear Objects By Cyrus Kabiru

In our quest to profile beautiful things we journey to Kenya where we meet Self-taught multi-disciplinary artist Cyrus Karibu. Karibu is an emerging Kenyan artist, best known for his elaborate and detailed sculptural spectacles or “C-Stunners.” Their visual elegance is reminiscent of the period in Africa where we were adorned with precious jewels and had variations of unique Afrocentric styles.

His art is made from found objects and recycled material sourced on the streets of Nairobi, then repackage and perfected. Karibu invented these ‘Afrodazzled’ bifocals with all pieces having an intimate connection to his life story.

The elements in his art touch on Afrofuturism, which has again become a popular topic following the much-talked-about film “Black Panther”. This genre combines science fiction, magical realism, and historical fiction with the culture and politics of the African diaspora.

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