These Pics Are Composed Of As Many Pixels As There Are Animals Still Alive In These Species

African Wild Dog. Estimated between 3000 and 5500 remain

A brilliant 2008 campaign by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has been resurfacing thanks to a recent reddit post going viral. The campaign, called WWF Japan – Population by pixel, was created by the agency Hakuhodo C&D / Tokyo.

The brains behind it were creative directors Nami Hoshino, Yoshiyuki Mikami, and designer Kazuhiro Mochizuki. Inspired by their work, Imgurian JJSmooth44 made a follow-up to their project and it’s just as powerful as the original.

“I did it as a programming challenge,” JJSmooth44 wrote

More: Imgur h/t: boredpanda

Amur Leopard. Estimated about 60 remain

“I did it … in python … but the code is very gross. I only worried about the final product and not the readability/niceness of the code.”

They paid homage to Hakuhodo C&D / Tokyo by scraping the Animal Planet endangered animals list.

Amur Tiger. Estimated about 450 remain

Asian Elephant. Estimated between 40000 and 50000 remain

Bengal Tiger. Estimated about 2500 remain

Black Footed Ferret. Estimated about 300 remain

Black Rhino. Estimated about 5000 remain

Blue Whale. Estimated between 10000 and 25000 remain

Bonobo. Estimated between 10000 and 50000 remain

Bornean Orangutan. Estimated between 45000 and 69000 remain

Borneo Pygmy Elephant. Estimated about 1500 remain

Chimpanzee. Estimated between 172700 and 299700 remain

Eastern Lowland Gorilla. Estimated about 17000 remain

Fin Whale. Estimated between 50000 and 90000 remain

Galapagos Penguin. Estimated about 2000 remain

Giant Panda. Estimated about 1864 remain

Green Sea Turtle. Estimated between 3000 and 5500 remain

Hectors Dolphin. Estimated about 7000 remain

Indian Elephant, Estimated between 20000 and 25000 remain

Indochinese Tiger. Estimated between 600 and 650 remain

Indus River Dolphin. Estimated about 1100 remain

Javan Rhino. Estimated about 60 remain

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