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Why Paint Cats: The Ethics Of Feline Aesthetics

Why did a woman in California pay an artist $5,000 to paint her cat to look like a pig? What made a New York stockbroker spend even more than that to have the image of Charlie Chaplin painted on his cat’s posterior? ‘Why Paint Cats’ reveals that, far from being an amusement for the idle rich, this seemingly aberrant behavior is part of a new art movement that claims to promote a better understanding of the cats in our lives.

Following the international success of their previous collaboration of feline aesthetics, ‘Why Paint Cats’, Burton Silver and Heather Busch turn their scholarly attention to the cat as canvas.

The authors detail all the latest trends in the movement, including the highly controversial Retromingent Expressionism, drawing conclusions that will provoke and amuse, startle, and enlighten. Exhaustively researched and lavishly illustrated, this insightful and engaging book raises important ethical questions and explores the rights of pet owners to reinvent their cats in the name of art.

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