Catipilla – A Cat Climbing Frame Designed For Cats

Meet Catipilla – the innovative new way to build a cat tree that blends seamlessly into your home. Sleek and versatile, Catipilla can be used both indoors and outdoors and its array of health benefits make it the perfect fit for every cat.

Catipilla was inspired by Smudge, an 18-year-old house cat who was struggling to clamber into a ground floor window. Her owners, The Sutton Family, sort out a creative solution to help her get in and out home after refusing to drill holes in their door for a cat flap.

From wood and nails, the first Catipilla concept was born. The wooden platforms have since evolved into a durable, wall-mounted structure that encou- rages cats to climb naturally while saving space in the home. The Catipilla Pro and the Catipilla Mini feature high-quality, UK-manufactured pillars and adjustable tread plates that can be tailo- red to every cat’s needs. Catipilla’s range also includes an adjustable high plate and cat ham- mock, perfect for bird watching and catnaps.

More info: Catipilla, Instagram

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