Devoted Husband Plants & Harvests 4.5 Miles Of Sunflowers To Fulfill Wife’s Dying Wish


When Don Jacquish lost his wife Babette to cancer, he was determined to fulfil her dying wish of selling sunflower seeds to raise money for others battling the disease.


In brief moments of remission, Babette mentioned starting a business selling the seeds from her favorite flowers to raise money for cancer research and patients.


So a month after Babette passed away, grieving Don planted 4.5 miles of sunflowers along a Wisconsin highway in honor of his beloved wife.

ABC News

He told USA Today: “Everyone that ever met Babette fell in love with her. I was just lucky enough to be the guy she fell in love with.” Don tearfully added: “The part I miss the most is holding her hand.”

YouTube/ABC News

But as autumn came and the flowers began to die, Don knew he could continue his wife’s legacy and help others suffering from cancer by carrying out Babette’s dream.


Don covered acres of land in his combine harvester to collect the sunflower seeds to be bagged and sold.

ABC News

Now, Babette’s Seeds of Hope are on sale, raising money for hospitals, medical research, and patient advocacy.

During chemotherapy sessions, Babette wrote notes to her family saying that “there is no guarantee I will get to see the sunrise tomorrow”, but brave Babette remained “thankful for today”.


Don hopes that the bright yellow flowers will inspire the same joy and positivity that Babette expressed — even in her darkest moments.


“[Babette] suffered a lot and knows how many other families are suffering; we’re hoping that the money will be able to make a difference.”

Daily Mail

You can read more about Babette and Don or find your nearest stockist of Babette’s Seeds of Hope at the website and Facebook page.

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