Meet Miisa, A Kawaii Hijab Cosplayer From Malaysia

If you enjoy cosplay or have been following anime-related or even fashion-related news, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Miisa before. As one of the leading figures in the hijab cosplay movement, the 23-year-old native of Kangar, Malaysia, has not only appeared in local media.

Thanks in large part to her love of the characters, her passion for cosplay, her makeup skills and her innovations in using the hijab in ways that remain faithful to the characters’ look, she has helped to put hijab cosplay on the map and inspired a new generation of cosplayers in the process.

“Cosplay is something I thought was very new and weird when I first learned about it. It’s so common to see cosplayers on the internet wearing wigs, so I thought: “Why not cosplay with hijab?” That’s when I got started. Also, I love the characters. I think it’s great that anyone can be their favorite character and that makes me want to cosplay. And, of course, I want to bring the character alive. I imagine I’d love to be the person/character I cosplay. Then, there’s also the fact that the costumes and clothes are beautiful and sometimes looks so cool. Finally, I love experimenting with new makeup looks. Thanks to all those things, it just naturally happened and I decided to do hijab cosplay.” — Miisa told Grapee.

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