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Midge Hadley: The Super Rare Pregnant Barbie Doll

Midge Hadley was the pregnant Barbie who hit the shelves in 1963. She hooked up with Allan Sherwood. And together they had three little plastic off-cuts called Ryan and Nikki and Cassandra.

h/t: flashbak

In one 2-4-1 model, you could buy Nikki while she was still in Midge’s tum-tum. This was known as the Happy Family line. Given that Midege looked about 11, one wondered if her own family were too happy about her being knocked up so young.

Midge also lacked a wedding ring, suggestive of loose morals and a godless life. Later her parents were added. The ring was added. And in a bid for further reality she sold her story to the tabloids and posed naked in Playtoy magazine.

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