This Artist Crafts A Creative Face Mask Every Day Of Self-Isolation, Here Are The Coolest He Has Created So Far

We’ve kind of gotten used to a mandatory accessory that we have to wear whenever we go out in public―a face mask. And even if you’ve started to forget how people’s faces (besides your own) look, it doesn’t have to be boring at all!

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Artists from around the world are turning to creativity and talent to cope and make the most of their time during this outbreak. They are coming up with the most fashion-forward, interesting, or bizarre face masks (like this Icelandic artist with creepy mouth-themed knitted masks).

Austrian artist Matthias Kretschmer put his unique creative spin on the current situation and challenged himself to craft a cool and rather unconventional mask a day during his time in lockdown.

“Since there are no exhibitions and/or sales at the moment, I wanted to keep myself busy and my friends entertained. Since we have mask obligation in public places in Austria, I wanted to create a new mask every day. Some are based on the news, some are more entertaining, some are challenges or ideas by friends. I want to spread the message of taking the corona crisis seriously, but at least with some humor. I guess it helps us to go through the whole thing, both me and the people who are entertained by my masks,” the artist told Bored Panda.

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