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Watch This Kick-Ass LEGO Sisyphus Push His Boulder Till The End Of Time


Are you up for feeling a little hopeless? Try watching a miniature Sisyphus work for a while. Jason Allemann of the LEGO-centric design duo JK Brickworks created this kinetic sculpture based on the Greek myth of Sisyphus, who was doomed to push a boulder up a hill for eternity, never to reach the top. Alleman was inspired by a Disney Research Hub video on creating realistically moving character models out of links and gears


The sculpture is flat, but it looks like Sisyphus is pushing against a steep hill anyway in an epic bout of futile physical labor. It’s a little exhausting to watch.


It’s created entirely out of LEGO parts, and if you want to make it yourself, Allemann has instructions and a list of parts here.


h/t: mentalfloss, theverge

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