No Cat Lover Will Be Able To Resist These Cozy Curled-Up Cats As Decorative Ceramic Plates – Design You Trust

No Cat Lover Will Be Able To Resist These Cozy Curled-Up Cats As Decorative Ceramic Plates

Cat and beautiful ceramics lovers listen up because this one’s for you! This Russian artist creates mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind tableware that’s a perfect gift to any cat fan out there. The cats are depicted in a cozy curled-up position and the plates come in a range of sizes.

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Whether you’ll use them for your small trinkets or jewelry, or will use it for eating, ceramicist Tatiana (or Taniko Ga) has got your back!

The artist told one news outlet: “I love cats very much. I also love ceramics. It gives almost limitless opportunities for the realization of my ideas!”

The pieces are sculpted using white clay, while the painting is done by hand, which means that every artwork is as unique as it gets. There are some plates that even have a metal loop attached to them, so you can display the beautiful artwork on your walls. Scroll down below to see some examples of Taniko’s captivating work that includes white cats, tabbies, Siamese cats, and other beauties as well. As always, don’t forget to vote for the ones that you like the most!

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