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This Vet Clinic Has The Best & Funniest Outdoor Signs

Nobody likes to go to the doctor, but some vet clinics are trying to lighten up these visits with comedy. The list below is a collection of funny signs from Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital in North Carolina, in the US.

More: Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

They’re quirky, they’re funny, and they’ll make your day brighter with their dad joke-level humor (that’s a compliment in my opinion!). A representative of the Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital was kind enough to answer Bored Panda’s questions about the amusing signs outside. “Our owner Dr. Dante Martin loves dry humor and dad jokes so we thought it would be a good way to put a smile on our clients’ faces while also connecting to our community. We also wanted something that would attract people as they drove by the clinic while also making them giggle a little,” they revealed.

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