This Looks Like An Ordinary Shed. But You’ll Never Guess What’s Inside.


We at Design You Trust place a high value on creativity. So we’re especially delighted when we learn about people who can create something beautiful out of something completely ordinary. Ashley Yeates, who came up with the following idea, is definitely one of these people. It’s people like him who add a little light to our day.

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It all began with an entirely unremarkable plan for a shed…


Ashley soon began to start making the real thing


He built the walls


Put the roof in place


And added some light fittings


Some tiling and a porch gave the little shed a cute appearance


And finally it was ready!


But it’s not all that it seems from the outside…


…that’s right, it’s actually a mini movie theatre!


Complete with real cinema lighting and traditional velvet seats


And of course, plenty of candy and popcorn


Fancy playing a game after the film? There’s a whole shelf of options to choose from


The only problem, of course, is that when your friends hear about it, they’ll probably want to move in with you!


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