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City Footbridge Gets People Closer To Nature

A skywalk is seen slithering through a litchi orchard in Xiangmi Park in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, giving local residents a chance of getting close to nature.

A total of three footbridges were built in the north, middle and south of the park, respectively. Nearly 1,150 meters in length, visitors could overlook the whole park from the bridges.

Situated in downtown Shenzhen, Xiangmi Park covers an area of around 430,000 square meters, of which its green area reaches 81.2%. The park is divided into four thematic areas for tourism, conservation and education. The park is part of the city’s ecological system. Its 20,000-square-meter water network can be used as a pool to deposit water during rains, which mitigates waterlogging.

h/t: cgtn

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