Book A Stay On Your Own Robinson Crusoe Island


Its name is Bird Island, perhaps because it is so small that it can be a decent home to birds only or perhaps because it was first noticed by a bird. We can not tell, but the Bird Island near Placencia, Belize is now available for a holiday booking via Airbnb for 350$ per night.

h/t: wherecoolthingshappen


The cool island can accommodate six people who get the land on the beautiful coral reef all to themselves. The private isolated location is twenty minutes away from civilization.


The most awesome thing about it is that it is made in authentic Robinson Crusoe style. Still, do not imagine that you will have to grow vegetables and hunt animals.


There are a well-stocked kitchen pantry, a local phone and a Wi-Fi connection available. If you are bored, you can watch a movie on the TV or choose a CD.


It seems that the greatest Robinson Crusoe experience would be roasting the fish you have caught yourself on the barbecue.


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