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Tundra Lodge Rolling Hotel: Sleep Among Polar Bears In The Middle Of The Arctic

Staying in this rolling hotel is known to be the ultimate polar-bear tour. You leave the hotel each day for excursions with a biologist. And you won’t just get to see the animals, you’ll get to understand them: their behaviour as well as the problems they face with climate change.

You’ll stay at a moving hotel, the Tundra Lodge, so you can spend every minute possible with the polar bears. There are biologists at the lodge, as well as photographers so you can learn all about photography as well as the bears.

Every day, you’ll head out in Polar Rovers, special vehicles built to cross the tundra, which sit high on their wheels. This is because sometimes the polar bears like to lean against the rovers, and they’re bigger than you might think.

It’s not a cheap adventure, but it sure is special. Make sure you book well in advance, because this rolling hotel is very popular.

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