Apple Depot Earbuds with Mic & Remote

We know how tough it is to find a durable and affordable pair of headphones these days and is why we’re bringing these In-Ear Stereo PolyPhones to the table. These headphones combine high quality sound output with scientifically developed sound isolation that creates a music listening experience you won’t be disappointed with, especially for ONLY $15.

These WHITE PolyPhone headphones (shown in the pictures above) even come in a sleek carrying case so you can protect your earbuds when they’re not in use.

If you’re active like us you know how many pairs of headphones you blow through in a given year so a nice extra set is always needed. With these headphones the molded earpieces fit your ear perfectly and they’re formed to comfortably seal the ear, thus allowing you to experience your music and conversations to their fullest potential. The remote control gives you total freedom to start, stop, pause music and video, answer calls, and adjust volume, all right from your fingertips. And lastly, the built-in microphone works great and is positioned perfectly to catch your voice and to block out background sounds. What’s not to love?

Key benefits:

In-ear earpieces are molded for optimum comfort and sound isolation
High quality ABS cylinders are moisture-proof and water resistant
Remote control and microphone are positioned at an optimum distance on the cord for efficient hands-free communication and playback control
Powerful full-range frequency response

An In-Ear Stereo System That’ll Keep You In The Zone!

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