This Artist Paints In A Hyperrealistic Style And Some Of Her Works Look Like Photos, While Others Look Like Dreams

When it comes to hyper-realistic art, the wonderfully talented artist Kit King is a great example of what can be done when it comes to your creativity and ideas. King is a Bahamian Canadian artist who creates large-scale hyperrealist works. Her pieces are often shredded and rearranged to influence the ways in which they are perceived.

“Both my parents were artists, so art is something I was raised with as a fundamental part of life. It’s more of a mind state—a way of being and seeing the world around you more than it is something that one does.

I don’t have any set thing that inspires me. I feel existence itself is an inspiration. Everything from the physical aspects of life, such as the way light hits something, to the metaphysical aspects of life, such as the human condition, inspires me. Often I like to pull elements from the tangible and intangible world and try to create a new space that combines them.

There is no shortage of inspiration. It engulfs me. Every day I feel the surge of inspiration and desire to create move through me. I don’t know life without this. Art is life. Or more so—life is art, and I’m just one tiny tendril of this.”

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