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Confectioner Bakes Stories From Pies That Are Too Beautiful To Eat

As Thanksgiving approaches, today’s story is about one of the most important and delicious parts of Thanksgiving diner—pies. Liz Joy’s pies tell a story like no other. They tell stories from tales we all know, like Little Red Riding Hood. She does tasteful references to Peter Pan, Ursula, and Ariel, from Disney, and Khaleesi with her dragon from Game Of Thrones. And Liz tells unique narratives of her own, like a girl in a little snow globe, a boy having adventures in the wild, or a fairy sitting on the edge of the moon.

Her other pies are more subtle, and cover seasonal themes like autumn, Christmas, and floral themes. In any case, it’s fair to say that her pies are eaten with one’s eyes first. And perhaps the narrative draws us in so much, that they look too beautiful to eat…

Liz Joy loves to bake. Her Instagram is a testament to it. She makes anything related to bakery: from cookies, to doughnuts, to full-blown cakes, and most relevant to today’s story—pies. And she does them with a twist. She recreates fashion items that celebrities wear, lingerie, and other cool stuff in her confectionery. We suggest checking her awesome works out on her Instagram and see for yourselves.

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