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Artists Builds Tiny Tree-Houses Around Common House Plants And It’s Awesome!


Jedediah Corwyn Voltz is a Los Angeles-based prop maker for TV and movies. On the side, Voltz uses leftover bits of scrap wood, fabric, and other materials to construct tiny abodes around succulents and cactus plants, Slate reports.

h/t: mentalfloss, slate


Voltz has made about 25 of his whimsical sculptures, ranging from “tiny watchtowers in secluded forests, to quiet treetop meditation platforms, to giant bustling windmills and waterwheels,” he told Slate. Each one takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to build


“I try to build structures that complement the plant they’re living in and grow with them,” Voltz wrote in a statement he shared with mental_floss. “I’ve hand-made pottery, silk rugs, furniture, sculptures, paintings, and various other accessories to populate these little worlds. Most of my plants are filled with semi precious stones like tigers eye, labradorite, quartz, amethyst, and apatite, all in their raw forms. This is my way of bringing my love of geology into my work just a little bit.”


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