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Russian Artist’s Cute Felted Wool Animals Might Hypnotize You With Their Googly Eyes

Somewhere in Khabarovsk, Russia, there lives a passionate felted wool artist that makes the cutest woodland animals that seem like they came out of a Disney movie. Her name is Yulia Derevschikova, and she’s been doing this since 2015 and she has created over a hundred of these adorable little critters.

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One animal takes at least 20 hours to make, so it requires great dedication. She says her source of inspiration comes from her love for animals. Her works have a great mix of realism and aesthetics: the fur looks almost real, and you can’t resist their googly eyes and adorable small features.

Looking at her works, it’s no wonder that Yulia acquired many fans over the years. She even started selling and sending them to other cities and she claims that people get excited for each and every delivery:

“The positive emotions I get when I deliver an order to the customer are very valuable to me, it gives me inspiration,” the artist told Bored Panda.

So check out this adorable portfolio of her works and try not to fall in love with these cute little critters.

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