Collection of Unforgettable Sticker Advertisements

Big or small businesses alike need proper exposure and advertising in relation to the services or products they are capitalizing. With the advent of new technology, there is now a wide variety of methods of advertisement that a company may rightfully choose.

Aerial overhead shot of floor sticker ad with a giant dog that makes people look like fleas and ticks.

Floor sticker decal in Seoul subway makes it look like a sandy beach with footprints and waves.

Sticker on elevator floor shows elevator shaft.

IKEA stair sticker ad shoes each stair as a drawer filled with clothes.

Mr. Clean crosswalk sticker shows one strip really clean compared to others.

Lines for parking spaces in seemingly impossible places except for a Jeep SUV.

Coffee cup sticker placed over steaming manhole to make it look like fresh cup of coffee.

Basketball court sticker placed around garbage cans to make throwing out litter a game.

Creative floor sticker ad makes it look like an empty pool for skateboarding.

Staircase sticker wrap makes it look like you are climbing a mountain.

Sidewalk sticker looks like dog food bowl for pedigree ad.

Floor sticker of skis turns bench into chair lift.

Each step looks like spine of famous book using vinyl sticker.

Sticker looks like an old man has fallen down for promotion of learning first aid.

Floor sticker of panda bear that slowly looks like behind a cage as people walk over it.

Sidewalk stickers look like puddle reflections for greenpeace ads.

Diving board sticker for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ looks like you are walking the plank.

Crosswalk section made to look like a barcode to promote a shopping mall.

Sidewalk sticker shows stump of tree to make it look like it was cut down.

Skydiving elevator ad makes it seem like you are looking down on the city from a plane.

Sidewalk sticker looks like a person is inside a manhole looking up at you in despair.

Outdoor ad looks like giant bucket of paint spilled onto parking lot ground and made a mess.

Ceiling sticker for ‘Alice in Wonderland’ shows Alice peering in down the rabbit hole.

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