Pantone Just Released A Period-Colored Paint and It’s Called “Period” Red

What do you get when you combine an intimate healthcare brand with a paint company? Period blood color, the perfect shade to represent periods. The Pantone Colour Institute just partnered with Intimina to release a custom Pantone red color to represent menstruation. We aren’t just painting walls, we’re breaking down the ones that contribute to the stigmas surrounding periods.

Intimina is a Swedish brand dedicated to helping women and their reproductive health needs through information and quality products.

h/t: intimina, instagram

As part of a new campaign by Intimina to make menstruation more visible and normalize this most normal of bodily functions, The Pantone Colour Institute has created Period—an original shade of red that represents a steady flow during menstruation. The color Period is an energizing and dynamic red shade that serves as the banner for Intimina’s ‘Seen+Heard’ campaign, which is designed to empower and encourage everyone, regardless of gender, to have more accurate and honest conversations around menstruation.

Not only has the Seen+Heard campaign helped normalize conversations surrounding menstruation, Intimina has also donated £2,000 to ActionAid, an international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty.

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